Why record binaurally?

Whether you’re an orchestra, choir, band, small ensemble, singer-songwriter or anything in between, binaural recording will bring your listeners closer than you ever thought possible.

The King's College Orchestra in dress rehearsal

Fritz with the King’s College Orchestra in dress rehearsal


“Fritz” captures your sound and the acoustics of the space with perfect accuracy. It’s simply the best way to let your listeners relive your performance exactly the way it sounded live. Plus, our single stand and microphone cable keep your stage tidy — less to trip over and less to get in the way of the performance.


An intimate house session with Fritz in the front row can give your fans their own personal performance anytime they listen. Who needs a studio when the real magic happens in the living room?


Fritz can either be used to capture the energy of a live performance or to create incredible special effects in the studio. We can record sounds coming from behind, above, below, or anywhere around you, either live-off-the-floor or multi-tracked. For more, check out the Top 5 Reasons Your Band Should Record Binaurally on our blog.


Fritz is a fantastic listener, making him a great alternative for recording spoken word and podcasts. Your audiences hear your voice as if you were sitting right in front of them, in the same room.


How do you capture the complex sound localization of an audio installation or multi-speaker electroacoustic piece? A recording with Fritz will reproduce all of the spaciousness with none of the setup.


Is your mix sounding too dense? Does it need a little motion or depth to get it out of the box? We can use Fritz to spatialize new or pre-recorded tracks, create amazing special effects, or capture perspectives that will astonish your listeners (e.g. ever heard a drum set above your head?).


In a traditional recording session, it takes a lot of precious time to setup dozens of mics, multi-track and then mix. With Fritz, all three dimensions are captured to a single stereo track, making mix-down a simple process. That means more time to record and less of your budget spent on mixing.

Grab your headphones and hear the difference.