Sony takes on binaural audio and video

SonySony recently posted a series of videos about their work with binaural audio and video to create an immersive production that takes the listener inside a rock band going on stage. There has been a fair amount of talk about mixing binaural audio with video in the “binaural audio loop,” but this is one of the first professional projects to take it on.

It’s a sharp looking video, and the quality of the audio is great (notice they’re also using a KU-100 head, like ours). Parts 1 and 2 focus on the concept and creation of the video, and Part 3 is the final product.

What do you think? Do they pull off a convincingly immersive video?

For a refresher about how binaural audio works, check out our What Is Binaural Audio page, or hear a variety of audio samples in our Binaural Audio Showcase.



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