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Binaural recording – use headphones

3D Claps Sound Effects Sample Library


Looking for an au naturel alternative to super-dense claps samples to give your beat a human touch? Look no further.

3D Claps by Kall Binaural Audio is a collection of 56 single claps samples, recorded at various positions around the listener’s head. Without meaning to boast, these are simply the most realistic, natural sounding clapping samples you can get.

These are true 3D binaural high fidelity recordings, made with the Neumann KU-100 dummy head microphone.

Download a PDF of the complete file list and durations
File Format WAV 44.1k 16 bit
Number of files 56
Combined Length 1:09
Compressed Download 30.4 MB @ 96K 24 bit – 5.8 MB @ 44.1k 16 bit
Size on Disc 43 MB @ 96K 24 bit – 13.3 MB @ 44.1k 16 bit