Kall Binaural Audio launches online shop for 3D audio sound effects and sample libraries


Kall Binaural sound effects and sample librariesLondon, ON – Kall Binaural Audio has just launched the first dedicated online shop for professional 3D binaural sound effects and sample libraries.

Each set of samples has been created using binaural recording techniques to produce fully immersive three-dimensional sound experiences. When they are heard through headphones, the listener hears the sounds as if they were right in the room beside them – and in many cases, coming from right beside their head.

The online shop was created with podcasters, sound designers, music producers, and 3D audio enthusiasts in mind. These affordable sample libraries allow them to bring their work to a whole new level with ready-to-use 3D sounds.

“With the prevalence of headphones and mobile listening devices, the demand for binaural audio is constantly growing,” explains owner Alex Kall. “We often have clients asking us to create specific short 3D sound effects for their projects, but it isn’t always a cost-effective solution for them. So, we decided to create expanded collections of some favorite binaural sound effects and make them readily available for anyone to use.”

Initial sample libraries for sale include 3D Scissors, 3D Claps, 3D Match Strike, and 3D Kiss. Additional libraries will be released regularly, and users are encouraged to suggest sounds that they would like to see created.

Grab your headphones and visit the shop to hear examples from each library.

About Binaural Recording

Binaural recordings are made using a special microphone that simulates an average human head. Two omni-directional microphones are built into the ear canals, which pick up sound that is already naturally filtered by the shape of the head and ears. When a binaural recording is played back through headphones, our brain analyzes the sound as if we were hearing it from exactly where the head was placed, which makes for incredibly realistic 3D recordings.

About Kall Binaural Audio

Kall Binaural Audio specializes in recording sound and music the way you hear it live – in all three dimensions. Founded in 2010 by owner Alex Kall, KBA is dedicated to pushing local musicians into the international audiophile world. Visit www.kallbinauralaudio.com to learn more and hear for yourself.

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For more information, please contact:
Alex Kall, owner, Kall Binaural Audio


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