Kall Binaural Audio is set to give Halifax musicians their first taste of true 3D sound

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November 30, 2010

Kall Binaural Audio is set to give Halifax musicians their first taste of true 3D sound

Kall Binaural Audio logoHalifax, NS – Kall Binaural Audio, the Atlantic Canada’s first and only dedicated three-dimensional recording service, is set to officially open its doors tomorrow, Wednesday, December 1st 2010 in Halifax.

Throwing away the music industry standards of close-miked and heavily processed studio recording techniques, Kall Binaural Audio specializes instead in an honest, accurate, and sonically astonishing 3D recording format called binaural audio.

Using a specialized microphone modeled after an acoustically accurate human head, owner Alex Kall is able to record sound the way our ears naturally capture it – not only left-to-right, but above, below, in front, behind, and everywhere in between. The microphone, lovingly nicknamed “Fritz,” is complete with synthetic skin, molded rubber ears and microphones embedded in its ear canals.

“Listening to binaurally recorded audio is remarkable,” explains producer and Acadia University adjunct professor Dr. Steven Naylor. “It can create a startlingly immersive experience quite unlike conventional stereo, or even surround sound mixes. Having access to a top-of-the line professional binaural recording setup like Alex’s is a very exciting development for Halifax.”
For more information and to hear the binaural difference for yourself, put on your headphones and visit www.kallbinauralaudio.com.

About Binaural Recording
Binaural recordings are made using a special microphone that simulates an average human head. Two omnidirectional microphones are built into the ear canals, which pick up sound that is already naturally filtered by the shape of the head and ears. When a binaural recording is played back through headphones, our brain analyzes the sound as if we were hearing it from exactly where the head was placed, which can make for incredibly realistic 3D recordings.

About Kall Binaural Audio
Kall Binaural Audio is Halifax’s source for 3D mobile recording. Founded in 2010 by owner Alex Kall, KBA is turning heads by bringing Nova Scotian music to a whole new dimension – literally. Offering exceptionally high quality mobile recording and binaural equipment rentals, KBA is dedicated to pushing local musicians into the international audiophile world. Visit www.kallbinauralaudio.com to learn more and hear for yourself!

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For more information, please contact:
Alex Kall
Owner, Kall Binaural Audio

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