Kall Binaural Audio introduces 3D recording to London concert halls

Unique immersive audio allows listeners to “re-experience” live performances

London, ON – Kall Binaural Audio is London’s first and only dedicated 3D audio recording service. The company relocated to London from Halifax, NS this past September, and is owned by engineer and former symphony stage manager Alex Kall.

Their mobile studio produces audiophile-quality, immersive recordings that are specifically tailored for headphone listening. The company uses a special head-shaped microphone (nicknamed “Fritz”) to capture sound exactly the way humans hear it – in all three dimensions.

"Fritz," the dummy head microphone

“Fritz,” the dummy head microphone

Binaural recordings allow listeners to accurately pinpoint sounds coming from any direction around them, letting audiences truly “re-experience” a live performance. The technology is ideal for recording concerts, audition tapes, and audio drama. It can also be used for sound effects, art installations, or as a rehearsal analysis tool for conductors.

“As we experienced in Halifax, the demand for binaural audio is constantly growing,” explains Kall. “When people hear one of our recordings for the first time – say, of an orchestra heard from right above the conductor’s podium – their jaws drop and they want to hear more.”

Kall Binaural Audio’s new service in London will give local orchestras, choirs, bands and solo musicians the ability to capture their music like they never have before – bridging the gap between their stage performances and recordings.

To learn more and experience binaural audio for yourself, grab your headphones and visit their binaural audio samples page.

About Alex Kall
After a six year sojourn in the Maritimes, Alex Kall has returned to Ontario to bring his passion for immersive audio closer to home. Aside from his career in audio recording, he has worked as Symphony Nova Scotia’s stage manager and marketing coordinator, and is also a freelance bass player, and designer. His enthusiasm for music technology, sound spatialization, and all forms of acoustic music led him to found Kall Binaural Audio in 2010. The company is the first of its kind in London, and one of only a handful of dedicated 3D audio services in the world.

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For more information, please contact:
Alex Kall, owner, Kall Binaural Audio

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