Happy Musicians

Here are some examples of what people are saying about Kall Binaural Audio…


Norm Adams
Principal Cello, Symphony Nova Scotia | Director, suddenlyLISTEN Music

Binaural audio is an amazing way to listen to music. The listener becomes immersed in a new sound world! Alex Kall is an experienced and easy to work with engineer, and his binaural recordings sound beautiful. If you want your listeners to experience your music in a whole new way, give Alex a call.


Dr. Steven Naylor
Producer and Sound Designer | Acadia University adjunct professor

Listening to binaurally recorded audio is remarkable. It can create a startlingly immersive experience quite unlike conventional stereo, or even surround sound mixes. Having access to a top-of-the line professional binaural recording setup like Alex’s is a very exciting development.


Paul Cram
Artistic Director, Upstream Music Association | Composer and performer

2011 has so far been about the Binaural Head, HD Video and Alex Kall bringing it all together with spontaneous live performances from Upstream ensembles of several shapes and sizes. Down with the dark age of multi-tracking and hail to a new age of sound/image recording.