Binaural video demonstrations

You asked for it, so here it is – our full binaural video demonstration playlist!

Plug in your headphones, and turn up the volume, and enjoy!

To shuffle between videos in the playlist, click on the small red playlist button at the bottom of the player.

Kall Binaural Audio video demonstrations include (to date):

  • “How Short Do You Want It?” A 3D Binaural Audio ASMR Haircut
  • “Jack,” a binaural audio halloween horror
  • “Two Mexican Dances” no. 2 performed by Anthony Savidge (marimba)
  • One Man Binaural Rumba
  • Cymbal Colour Exploration
  • “Tuning Meditation” by Pauline Oliveros, performed by the Acadia University Society of Sound
  • Binaural Rain ASMR

Each of these videos was recorded with “Fritz,” our Neumann KU 100 dummy head microphone.

Stay tuned for more videos, which will be posted here as we create them.

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