Ade Suparman and the Acadia Gamelan Ensemble rock Wolfville

Jeff Hennessy, Ade Suparman, and Ken Shorley

Jeff Hennessy, Ade Suparman, and Ken Shorley

Way back in April, Wolfville NS was given a very special treat — a visit from Indonesian master musician Ade Suparman, who was invited to town by percussionist and Acadia instructor Ken Shorley. Ade is a virtuosic kacapi (plucked zither), suling (bamboo flute) and gambang (xylophone) player, who performs and composes for a Sundanese percussion ensemble called “gamelan degung.”

And what a coincidence! Thanks to Ken’s passion for world rhythms and percussion instruments, Acadia University is the proud home of a brand new, beautiful set of gamelan instruments. And I really can’t stress enough how beautiful they are — intricate, ornate designs over a whole variety of hanging gongs, gong-chimes, xylophones, hand drums, and bamboo flute.

So, on April 10, 2011, the Acadia Gamelan Ensemble and class gave their final concerts, featuring both Ade and Ken. We were very lucky to be able to capture it, and are so happy to share some of it here. (We posted the first track, Sangkala, on our Facebook page a few weeks ago, but there’s SO much more!)

And so without further ado, please enjoy 4 full tracks from the Acadia Gamelan Ensemble, recorded live in Denton Hall at Acadia University!

If you dig it, share it, and let us know what you think! And of course, listen with headphones!

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