About the blog

We are obsessed with binaural audio.

Quite literally. We love to listen to it, create it, make videos with it, talk about it, and especially share it.

On our official binaural audio samples page, you’ll find some great samples of our very favourite in-house recordings. But we’ve got so much more to share that we needed another outlet!

That’s where the blog comes in.

This is where we’ll post all of the extra content we come across and love that relates to all things binaural:

  • extra tracks from our own audio recordings and videos
  • content from other binaural producers
  • news about binaural audio and the technology around it
  • thoughts and suggestions for ways to record your own music binaurally
  • opinions on recording and music in general
  • and anything else we can think of about binaural audio!

So whether your interest in binaural audio is a curiosity, a mild infatuation, or a full blown love affair like ours, we hope you’ll enjoy our musings and share your own thoughts too!

Happy listening,

– Alex & the Kall Binaural Audio team